William H. Hidalgo, Sr.

Mr. Hidalgo, the Chairman of our board, is the owner and managing member of Halimar Shipyard, LLC, a shipyard management company in Morgan City, Louisiana, and is an active marine consulting engineer. From May of 1994 to October of 2001, Mr. Hidalgo served as President and CEO of Conrad Industries, Inc. in Morgan City. As with a number of other directors, as a business owner, Mr. Hidalgo is able to add a borrower’s perspective to board discussions. His significant experience owning and operating companies also enables him to help the board efficiently manage the Company’s growth.

James M. Baker

Since 1999, Mr. Baker has been the President and CEO of TOPCOR Companies, LLC, a consolidated group of 12 specialty contracting firms servicing the infrastructure and industrial markets, with offices in Houston, Texas, Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Augusta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. Through his business activities, Mr. Baker brings a strong sense of the business conditions in our market that is valuable to the board. He also understands the capital needs and other challenges that many of our business customers face, and his insights on this topic help us tailor our products and services for business owners.

Thomas C. Besselman, Sr.

Since 1971, Mr. Besselman has been a licensed Health, Life and Accident Insurance Professional. He is the former owner of The Besselman & Little Agency, L.L.C. in Baton Rouge,Louisiana, which he sold in April, 2012. Mr. Besselman has also been the owner of H. R. Solutions, L.L.C.,which provides Investar Bank’s payroll processing services, since June, 2006. As a business owner, Mr. Besselman is able to add a borrower’s perspective to board discussions. Mr. Besselman’s extensive relationships in the Baton Rouge community also qualify him to serve on our board.

James H. Boyce, III

For over 19 years, Mr. Boyce has owned several convenience stores and three consumer loan and sub-prime auto lending companies in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Consumer loans comprise a significant portion of our lending activities, and Mr. Boyce’s ownership of consumer loan companies allows him to provide sound advice regarding this aspect of our operations. In addition, being located in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, Mr. Boyce’s knowledge of this area helps us shape our policies for this and the other suburban areas of our markets.

Robert M. Boyce, Sr.

Mr. Boyce is retired, having recently sold his interest in Louisiana Machinery Company, L.L.C., a Caterpillar distributor located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From 1975 until August 2014, Mr. Boyce was an owner and officer of Louisiana Machinery Company, L.L.C. Mr. Boyce’s extensive experience in the Baton Rouge business community, and his significant contacts within the community, qualify him to serve on our board.

John J. D'Angelo

Mr. D’Angelo has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since the Share Exchange. He has also served as the Bank’s President and Chief Executive Officer since its organization in 2006. Prior to Investar Bank’s organization, Mr. D’Angelo was manager of the private banking, small business banking, construction lending, brokerage and trust areas of Hibernia National Bank (the predecessor to Capital One Bank, N.A.) for more than six years in the East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, market. From 1996 to 2005, Mr. D’Angelo was president and director of Aegis Lending Corporation, a company with lending operations in 46 states and the District of Columbia. As the founder of the Bank and its current Chief Executive Officer, Mr. D’Angelo has a detailed understanding of our history, current operations and future plans and strategies. His extensive banking experience is an additional qualification to serve on our board.

Robert Chris Jordan
Mr. R. Chris Jordan, a resident of New Iberia, Louisiana, currently serves as Managing Member of Vermillion Business Group, a company developing properties for several Fortune 500 companies, a position he has held since 1989. The company also develops gated and non-gated subdivisions and industrial parks. Involved in numerous civic and non-profit associations, Mr. Jordan interacts with many people in the Lafayette region.
    Gordon H. Joffrion, III

    Mr. Joffrion has been a licensed general contractor since 1979. Since 2006, he has been the owner and operator of Joffrion Construction, Inc., a commercial construction company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Joffrion’s long-standing business and personal relationships in Baton Rouge area, as well as his strong sense of the business conditions in Baton Rouge, qualify him to serve on the board.

    David J. Lukinovich

    Mr. Lukinovich is a board certified tax attorney and a board certified estate planning and administration attorney. He has been president of his law firm, David J. Lukinovich, APLC, since 1995. Mr. Lukinovich’s extensive knowledge of tax matters provides the board with valuable insight regarding the tax implications of our strategies. Also, Mr. Lukinovich’s legal practice gives him insight regarding the issues that are important to our individual customers.

    Financial Expert
    Suzanne O. Middleton

    Ms. Middleton is the Chief Financial Officer of Credit One, LLC, a debt buying and collection company based in Metairie, Louisiana. She has held such position since April, 1999. As a chief financial officer, Ms. Middleton is able to use her understanding of financial and accounting matters to help us shape our business plans. Also, her knowledge of New Orleans area allows her to provide insight regarding our growth plans in this market.

    Andrew C. Nelson, M.D.

    Dr. Nelson is a board certified gastroenterologist. He has been a practicing partner with Gastroenterology Associates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, since 1997. In addition to the different perspective on our banking operations that Dr. Nelson’s background as a physician gives him, Dr. Nelson is also a small business owner and adds this viewpoint to board discussions.

    Frank L. Walker

    Mr. Walker has been the Chief Financial Officer of JP Oil Holdings, LLC since 1996. JP Oil Holdings, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, is an oil and gas exploration and production company operating nearly 200 active wells across several states. In addition to his understanding of financial matters resulting from his business experience, Mr. Walker knowledge and contacts in Lafayette help us to develop our strategies to further expand our presence in this area.